I found Brian to be very professional and knowledgeable. He tweaked something in my shower valve to make it work properly when I thought it could not be done! He knows his "stuff"!
Thank you very much Brain. I'll see you when I do my second bathroom.

Hedy K.,

Prompt and courteous service

Valerie O.,

Ive now used BKP Plumbing 3 times in the past year. In each instance the owner Brian Peurrung was timely courteous and professional. I will continue to use this company as it's hard to find such qualities.


Brian came out as soon as he could and solved our problem in no time.

We strongly recommend using him to our friends and family!

Nesh D.,

We had a late night kitchen sink clog Saturday night after dinner. I called BKP and opted to wait until Sunday morning for the home visit, and within an hour my sink was up and running again. Reasonably priced and professional.


Re: Bryan of BKP Plumbing:

  1. He arrived when he said he would.
  2. He was respectful enough of the place, he asked if we wanted him to
    remove his shoes inside.
  3. He identified the problem(s) quickly and fixed them quickly.
  4. His price was so reasonable, I nearly fell over on the floor when he
    gave me the bill.

I would recommend him to anyone, anytime.

Linda Hitt,

Just installed one of your whole house purification systems and the water is great! I was so happy you introduced us to this product because our city water uses chloramines and most of the whole house filters online are only rated for chlorine removal. Good to know this system will also last me many years without needing to replace filters (which will save me money in the long run). Thanks for a great service & product!

William B,

I had Brian out to my home from BKP plumbing for a faucet that was spraying water everywhere. He came out and changed the faucet a few hours after I reported it at a very reasonable price. He was clean, neat and did a very good job on the replacement of the fixture and the drain. I recommend BKP plumbing for my family, friends, and clients!

Dave the exterminator,

I will only recommend and use BKP plumbing. First, they charge by the hour--this is the only way to do it! (I was ripped off by a different plumber not too long ago...a thousand dollars later...)

When I called, I spoke with Lisa, Brian's wife. Lisa was extremely helpful and scheduled my appointment right away. Brian came over the same day and fixed everything very quickly. I will only have BKP work on my home and rental. Now my in laws use him too. Affordable and great service..... They are the best!

Kim L.,

I met Brian through a general contractor who was doing some work on my house. Brian did all of the work in my kitchen (replaced the sink/disposal and installed the new faucet). The work was great, he is a very nice guy to deal with and the price was very fair.

Since then I have had him come back to our house two times to do work in two of my bathrooms. 

I think that I have found my go to company for plumbing!


I found BKP Plumbing through Friend Trusted, a contractor referral app for iPhone. Brian responded quickly, gave me a very reasonable quote (lower than most) and offered prompt service. He showed up on time and replaced all my water inlet valves in no time. When we found another problem with the toilet, he was ready with parts to fix it on the spot. I was VERY happy with the service, quality of work, and the price. 

He's my #1 plumber from now on.

Paul H,

Had my water heater replaced by BKP. Got a good price that was lower than the other bids I received. Work was done well and have no complaints. Brian is a nice guy and very professional. I would definitely recommend the company if you need a plumber.

James D.,

I had just bought a house and had a problem with a toilet not working right. Had to call the home warranty plumber to fix it. After 4 weeks of mis-diagnosis, they told me they would have to tear up my brand new travertine floor to get to the problem, and they wanted $600-700 JUST to tear up the floor, that didn't include fixing the problem. And I would have to find someone else to repair the tile. 

I'd had enough, called Brian at BKP Plumbing. He came out right away on a rainy Sat, quickly asked a few of the right questions, and found that he could easily complete the repair from below without tearing up my floors at all. He came back and completed the repair a few days later, for less than $400! I would strongly recommend BKP Plumbing to anyone, they are honest and their technical expertise is top notch.

Lisa W,

We recently had what we thought was an easy job to fix a couple of leaky faucets. We had Brian from BKP come out and I am really glad he did. As it turned out the old faucets were so old that they were impossible to fix and needed to be replaced. In fact, the old faucets were so messed up that they were coming apart as he was trying to remove them. What I thought would be a quick and easy job turned into a five hour mess. Brian stuck through it and handled the whole event very professionally even though he had to come and finish the job on Christmas Eve!!

For us, it's BKP plumbing or nobody.

David S,

Simply amazing service! Brian has been to both my house, as well as my parents' (and they are not easy to please) and did a great job every time he was called upon. Brian even went so far as to come over on a Sunday morning to retrieve a necklace that fell down my wife's sink and didn't ask for penny because I've used him so much!

Truly exceptional service at a reasonable price given that BKP is licensed and bonded (many "plumbers" and handymen are not), so you don't have to worry about a thing while they're working in your house.

Quality people and quality work!

Scott T,