Be extremely careful what plumbing fixtures you purchase when replacing fixtures in your home.

Do you realize that manufacturers produce different levels of products depending on the point of sale.  What I mean is… “XYZ” makes a remarkable lawn mower that is made available for purchase at “XYZ” stores.  The same “looking” mower is for sale at a discount outlet such as Lowe’s or Home Depot.  These two machines, when compared side by side look exactly the same, yet under the hood are very different.  Although they appear to be the same on the outside, the internal parts used in the discount retail outlet are sometimes made overseas and not at all original “XYZ” manufactured parts.  Manufacturers do this not to deceive the consumer, but instead to keep costs down making it more affordable for consumers.  The thing is, who realizes this??  So, pay now or pay later!!   When the (although more reasonable priced) machine breaks, it is hard to replace parts due to the fact that the parts are different from the actual manufacturers parts thus not made available for purchase at all.  See what I mean?

It has come to our attention that a leading plumbing fixture manufacturer is doing exactly the same thing.  For years we have recommended this brand to our customers because these fixtures are beautifully designed, reasonable priced, function well, and when they do require work, parts are easily found and replaced making this a great choice for consumers.  Consulting your trusted plumber is always your best, first move.

My main point of bringing this topic up:  You must have a good, honest relationship with your plumber!  Someone you can call and ask questions.  Someone you trust, that will not lie to you for his/her benefit but to be straight with you and put your best interest first.  If you do not have that relationship with your plumber, call BKP Plumbing.  Every customer is like family with us.

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