Who We Are

Family owned & operated since 1995 Contractors licensed in 2 States – California #974801 & Oklahoma #42131 Certifications in PEX pipe, Gas Pipe & Gas Fusion Licensed, bonded, insured

Mission statement: BKP Plumbing is a professional and ethical plumbing services company offering high-quality work for all customers, both residential and commercial, in Orange County. Our business is family, and we treat customers the same way, with efficient service, fair pricing and transparent communication. Our goal is to develop a marvelous relationship with all of our clients, so that the one company that comes to mind when you need plumbing work, is BKP Plumbing!

Why We Are Different

Plumbers can get a bad rap -- they’re messy, unkempt, a little rude, always in a hurry to get in and out, take your money and leave. And then there’s the “crack” -- you know what we mean! You will NEVER experience these things with BKP Plumbing of Orange County. Instead, you will get good-natured professionalism and industry-leading standards in workmanship and technology.

  • Expert advice and diagnosis
  • Quality workmanship
  • Friendly, family-like service
  • Fast, efficient and accurate
  • Clean work, with protective gear and clothing
  • Fair pricing, and we never unnecessarily upsell you

  BKP Plumbing promises you the most relaxed, non-invasive plumbing experience you’ll ever have -- we guarantee it!

Our Team

    Owner & Contractor
    Brian began plumbing when he was 19 years old as a helper. Brian has been a Plumbing Contractor and business owner since 1995. With his vast knowledge, understanding & experience, there isn’t anything he can’t do.
    Office Manager
    Besides being Brian’s partner in crime, she wears many hats. She runs the office, handles marketing, and is the mother of our two beautiful children.